noun JP maze 迷路

Cities are joyful mazes, where paths and lives intersect. We wish to see that navigating them is forever easy and enjoyable for all.


The pillars of our existence

We wish to empower cities for the future by developing technologies, systems, and services that reduce friction for achieving true sustainable and social mobility. Our belief system is based on four pillars that guide our way.

Improve the experience of moving in a city

We believe that cities are experienced best when we are on the move. The way we travel reflects our collective prosperity, spirit of community, and the experiential beauty of the city.

Reduce dependence on using personal vehicles

Having your own vehicle gives you freedom of movement. What if a travel option gave you the same peace of mind without the heavy investment?

Simplify urban travel for all

Movement is a right. Transit in the city, pedestrian or otherwise, should be a safe, reliable, timely, inexpensive, social, and enjoyable experience. The better you can travel, the better you can grab opportunities that life gives you. Good mobility allows for personal growth as well as growth of the society.

Enable sustainable mobility

Shared access to resources reduces per capita contributions to emissions and man-made climate change. Vehicles are a large resource pool that can be used efficiently via sharing. Shared mobility can reduce the stress on city infrastructure by organizing a haphazard mobility ecosystem.

Frequently asked questions

Are your shared mobility services like other ride-hailing services?

No. Ride-hailing is app-based doorstep service. Our services are like ride-pooling on performance-amplifying steroids, operating in an expertly controlled environment. Essentially large-scale last-mile mobility services designed to be used with or without smartphone apps, they are designed to cater to hundreds of passengers in minutes, say from a public transit stop.

Which vehicles are part of the fleet?

Our shared mobility services are designed to leverage any vehicle type. In India, auto-rickshaws, vans, and shuttles are already prominent paratransit vehicles, so we focus on them at the moment. An all-electric fleet will likely be the future.

How do you use IoT, machine learning, and XR experiences to improve shared mobility?

We simplify the complex problem of fleet and passenger management using our proprietary smart kiosk technology and our mobility intelligence platform. We share key travel information with users via XR experiences to allow a seamless travel experience that is accessible by young and old.

Are your shared rides an app-based service?

Our platform is designed to support all use cases and gives you the same reliability, flexibility, and regardless of how you choose to access our services.

How does the Shared Mobility Platform uplift the city?

Transport efficiency, including links to public transport, will be improved greatly. Private vehicle use will become balanced and more environmentally sustainable. Walkability, hygiene, and aesthetics of the urban environment will be enhanced. Logistics operations will be streamlined.

I want to join the team. How do I go about it?

Welcome! Come on in. Visit the Careers page to find a position that fits best. In case you don’t find your desired role, write to us at and we can start a conversation.

We are making India's first smart paratransit service. Get in touch with us to know more or to explore investment opportunities.

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