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A demand-responsive & fixed-route urban transit service, based on a city-wide network of roadside touchpoints, accessible to everyone especially including non-smartphone users, capable of handling high demand volumes, and easily scalable in service offerings and geographies.


Fully integrated, multimodal, demand-responsive urban mobility solutions for the general population, with efficient operations that offer cost-convenient regular mobility for commuters, innovative service models that encourage public transport use, encourage shared mobility, reduce pollution, and increase overall social welfare.
A standardized, scalable, and replicable city-wide support infrastructure and mobility fleet system that can manage both urban transit and logistics operations seamlessly based on a common technology platform.


  • Create scalable service models for the rickshaw market (Intermediate Public Transport)
  • Encourage shared mobility
  • Encourage electric mobility through built-in solutions
  • Encourage people to limit their private vehicle usage to specific use cases

Urban Mobility Architecture


On-Demand Rides

Rides where you need them

Fixed Routes

Quickest way around the city

On-Demand services

Mobility should be available when you need it - with us, it is. Our on-demand rides put you in control of your trip. You decide when you want to travel and where. We make it intuitive and easy, and get out of the way. Available via the app and Beacon.

Start from a Beacon, your home or wherever you are. Go to a Beacon near your destination or directly to your location of choice. You have the freedom to choose between flexibility and cost. (Using beacons is cheaper, of course. And sharing a ride with others is too.)

Fixed Route services

Lightning-fast and inexpensive rides on routes covering the city that go from Beacon to Beacon. Select the fixed route mode to hop onto a shuttle. Break free from time-tables - request a new shuttle when there isn't one available during off-peak hours. Connect to public transit stops for quick transfer. Available via the app and Beacon.

Just walk up to a Beacon, place a request, hop onto a shuttle vehicle, and get going before you know it. Regular users may choose to subscribe for benefits and rewards. Your Mobility Pass is here for you, always.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our vision, the service, how it is unique in the age of ride-hailing, and the impacts that it will have on the lives of millions of commuters and drivers.

Why we choose Auto

Simplicity | High Volumes | Accessibility | Shareability

Rickshaws are small-footprint and low operating cost. Rickshaw vehicles are already available at scale. Rickshaw services have a dedicated user base. Rickshaws are an Indian icon. And rickshaws are set to quickly get better – design, safety, eco-friendliness, cost.

Real-time demand-responsiveness and smaller vehicle footprints are utopia for transit services

Traditionally a high-volume, high-gross-margin, and low-net-margin business – technical solutions can improve this meaningfully

Rickshaws can truly see an Electric Mobility revolution very soon

Intelligent IPT will play an important role in Smart Cities

Commuters will be part of tomorrow’s “next 100 million”


Million Daily Trips


Million Vehicles on Road


Million Drivers on Road


Billion USD Addressable Market

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